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"He Is What He Writes: The Weird Tales of Dennis L. Siluk" Review by Benjamin Szumskyj

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Reviews 2018

Dr. Siluk,
I understand this book "Save Cassie's Friends" is now out of publication although I'm not sure why.  I was under the impression it helps alert adults and children alike to predictors being anyone and anywhere.  Do you by chance still have any copies available?  I'd like it for some preschool & kindergarten children as well as some older children who don't want to talk about it & think it can't happen to kids like them.
Thank you, LM Grace
August 23, 2018


I have started to read Dennis' short stories and poems (online), and I really enjoy them... And today I ordered "Cold Kindness", which I found in a swedish book store. Looking forward to read it!
Best regards,
Tomas Tirén
February 16th, 2017

In reference to "A Neighborhood Escapade":     
"I miss my uncles Brian and Lorimer, something fierce. My mom is fighting cancer, Rober Mueller is fighting cancer. Hearing these stories,having them on paper, immortalizes their memories. Thank you." Jolene Uhlenkamp Preston (Facebook)

Reviews 2014
Reference to the book "Days"

Letter, dated, 31 October, 2014, to Doctor Dennis Lee Siluk: Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima Official: Nº 549-14 MNL-GCSRP-SEP:

       “…greetings and special acknowledgement from the city for your valuable and important intellectual contribution that allows the central region of Peru, especially the Mantaro Valley to be known worldwide (its culture, customs, values, Andean traditions, and regional identity). Thank you for your endless humanist production in favor to the culture of Peru.”


Maria Paz Ortiz de Zevallos

Subgerente de Eventos y Protocolo



"I love the book of poems... The poems are lovely and some of them certainly speak to my heart. Thank you so much."Marge McPartlin (08/15/2014)

"Days" is a very touching and lovely piece. It may be your best of all so far.  That you have found that open heart within you, that place of “real” truth midst the swirling of the horrors of the world that  are constantly fueled by greed, power, conflict, and the endless tricks of ego is very rare and also very hopeful.  Your heart shows quite well in this work… (Susan and Gary Buchner) 08/09/14

…I think this is one of your best books (“Days”) so far. Not just for me… but for anyone who has lost someone. Great book. Mike Siluk




…It is very nice and interesting book, as soon as I got this from the mail box I started to read and I could not stop until I finished, that is a sad story, reminds me when my mom and my dad past away. The story of your life is very interesting too; it is amazing how you can remember dates and situations like yesterday, amazing. Ana Peñaloza



 I'm really enjoying this book Dennis.  I love your mother's line to you when you were a boy..."Learn to fight better or run faster."  Gail Weber


The Author and his Writings


“…I liked your poem [‘The Bear-men of Qolqepunku’] very much. It is a very poignant piece.”


Aalia Wayfare

Researcher on the Practices

Of the Ukukus





“I just received your book ‘Spell of the Andes,’ and I like it a lot.’ 


       —Luis Guillermo Guedes, Director

       Of the Ricardo Palma Museum-House

       In Lima, Peru [July, 2005]





“The Original title of the book Dennis L. Siluk presents is ‘Spell of the Andes’ which poems and stories were inspired by various places of our region and can be read in English and Spanish. The book divided in two parts presents the poems that evoked the Mantaro Valley, La Laguna de Paca…Miraflores, among other places. The book is dedicated to ‘the beautiful city of Huancayo’…”


       By: Marissa Cardenas, Correo Newspaper,

       Huancayo, Peru   [7/9/05]

       Translated into English by Rosa Peñaloza.





Mr. Siluk’s writings, in particular the book: ‘Islam, in Search of Satan’s Rib,’ induced a letter from Arial Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, along with a signed picture.  [2004]





“You’re a Master of the written world.” [Reference to the book: ‘Death on Demand’]


       —Benjamin Szumskyj,

          Editor of SSWFT-magazine out of Australia [2005]





A poetic Children’s tale “The Tale of Willy, the Humpback Whale” 1982 Pulitzer Prize entry, with favorable comments sent back by the committee.





“Dennis is a prolific and passionate writer.”


       —Matt James,

       Editor of ‘useless.knowledge,’ Magazine [2005]





“The Other Door,”…by Dennis L. Siluk…This is a collection of some 45 poems written…over a 20-year period in many parts of the world. Siluk has traveled widely in this country and Europe and some of the poems reflect his impressions of places he has visited. All of them have a philosophical turn. Scattered through the poems—some long, some only three lines—are lyrical lines and interesting descriptions. Siluk illustrated the book with his own pen and ink drawings.”  St. Paul Pioneer Press [1981)





“Your stories are wonderful little vignettes of immigrant life….” 


“… (The Little Russian Twins) it is affecting….”


—Sibyl-Child (a women’s art and culture journal) by Nancy Protun, Hyattsville, Md.; published by the Little Peoples’ Press, 1983





“The Other Door, by Dennis L. Siluk-62pp. $5….both stirring and mystical….”


—C.S.P. World News [1983]





“For those who enjoy poetry…The Other Door, offers an illustrated collection…Reflecting upon memories of his youth, Siluk depicts his old neighborhood of the 1960’s…Siluk…reflects upon his travels in poems like: ‘Bavaria’s Harvest’ (Augsburg, Germany and ‘Venice in April.’’’   


       —Evergreen Press

       St. Paul, Minnesota [1982]





“Siluk publishes book; Siluk…formerly lived in North Dakota…”


       —The Sunday Forum

       Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota [1982]




“Dennis Siluk, a St. Paul native…is the author of a recently released book of poetry called The Other Door….The 34-year old outspoken poet was born and reared in St. Paul. The Other Door has received positive reaction from the public and various publications. One of the poems included in his book, ‘Donkeyland-(A side Street Saga)’, is a reflection of Siluk’s memories…in what was once one of the highest crime areas in St. Paul.”  [1983]



       St. Paul, Minnesota





“This entertaining and heart-warming story …teaches a lesson, has all the necessary ingredients needed to make a warm, charming, refreshing children’s animated television movie or special.” [1983]


—Form: Producers

Report by Creative

Entertainment Systems;

West Hollywood, CA

Evaluation Editor






Review by:


Benjamin Szumskyj

Editor of  SSWFT Magazine




“In the Pits of Hell, a Seed of Faith Grows”


  • "The Macabre Poems: and other selected Poems,"

"Siluk´s Atlantean poems are also well crafted, from the the majestic...and convivial..." and the reviewer adds:  "All up, Siluk, Siluk is a fine poet...His choice of topic and theme are compelling and he does not hold back in injecting his own personal thoughts and feelings directly into his prose, lyrics, odes and verse..." 

To see the whole review, see:

Download #1... 1.1: September 2005




From the book, “Death on Demand,” by Mr. Siluk, says author:


E.J. Soltermann

Author of Healing from Terrorism, Fear and Global War:


"The DeadVault: A gripping tale that sucks you deep through human emotions and spits you out at the end as something better." (Feb. 2004)"






Note: The book: ‘The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon,’ writes Pastor Naason Mulâtre, from the Church of Christ, Haiti, WI; “…I received…four books [The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon…]. My friend it’s wonderful, we are pleased of them. We are planning to do a study of them twice a month. With them we can have the capacity to learn about the Antichrist. I have read all the chapters. I have…new knowledge about how to resist and fight against this enemy. I understand how [the] devil is universal in his work against [the] church of Jesus-Christ. Thanks a lot for your effort to write a so good book or Christians around the world.” [2002]





Notes: Mr. Siluk was the winner of the magazine competition by “The Eldritch Dark”; for most favored writer [contributor] for 2004 [with readership of some 2.2-million]. 



And received a letter of gratitude from President Bush for his many articles he published in the internet Magazine, “,” during his campaign for President, 2004 [1.2-million readership].



Still some of his work can be seen in the Internet Ezine Magazine, with a readership of some three-million.  [2005, some 350 articles, poems and short stories]


Siluk’s poetic stories and poetry in general have been recently published by the Huancayo, Peru newspaper, Correo; and “Leaves,” an international literary magazine out of India. With favorable responses by the Editor.


Mr. Siluk has been to all the locations [or thereabouts] within his stories and poetry he writes; some 683,000-miles throughout the world.


His most recent book is, “The Spell of the Andes,” to be presented at the Ricardo Palma Museum-House in October, 2005, and recently reviewed in Peru and the United States.



"To Señor Dennis Siluk: On behalf of the Department of Culture (Lima, Peru) I take this opportunity to show appreciation for the labor that you have done and continue doing.  Atentivly, Felix Antonio Lossio Chavez, Director of Department of Culture. Lima, on February 20th, 2013".

"Al Señor Dennis Siluk: 
...aprovecho la ocasión para extenderle a nombre del Ministerio de Cultura el debido agradecimiento por la labor que realiza y continúa realizando. 
Atentamente, Félix Antonio Lossio Chávez,
Director General Ministerio de Cultura (Dirección General de Industrias Culturales y Artes. 
Lima, 20 de Febrero del 2013".

Thank you very much for the poems on Perú, they are excellent, I have just finishing reading them! 
(Muchas gracias por los poemas PERU excelentes! Ya los lei.)
Melissa Rondon Vicente-Bco. Crédito del Perú

I have just received the chapbook "The Galilean," (Poems for the Soul) they are excellent, specially for Lent Time.
(Acabo de recibir los poemas de "El Galileo" (Poemas para el Alma). Son excelentes, especialmente para este tiempo de Cuaresma).  
Jesús Vargas Párraga, San Jerónimo de Tunán, Huancayo, Perú.

The poems of "The Galilean" are beautiful, I have just made a commentary on facebook on them.
(Los Poemas de "El Galileo" son muy bonitos. Hice un comentario en Facebook sobre éstos).
Minerva Peñaloza, El Tambo, Huancayo, Perú. 

Reviews 2012

In refence to Dr. Dennis Siluk works on Peru.
By Peruvian House of  Enterprising: 
"For your entrepreneurial works and contribution in you location."

Reconocimiento por la Cámara Peruana de Emprendedores y Destacados: 
"Por su Emprendimiento y Contribución en su Región"
IX Edición 2012

Reviews 2011

Hello Mr. Siluk,

                              I am reading your  book "A Path to Sobriety (The Inside passage)". I wanted to thank you for writing this book it has truly opened my eyes and spoken to me. You are honest and tell it like it is...

Samantha Feldick

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 10:38:43 -0500



Hello Dr. Siluk,
I was delighted and honored to receive a copy of your poem written in response to my painting which appeared in the Summer issue of "TOSCA,": "Contemplating Deepwater." It is truly a fascinating and deeply-felt response. It is always very gratifying for an artist to have someone respond to their work and to take the time to externalize that experience in a creative way. Reading your poem gave me new insight into my own work.
Thank you very much.
With kind regards,
Marcia Soderman, Ph.D.


Reviews 2010 


Read Dennis Siluk’s poem “The Lost Millennium” featured in the magazine “Al Mashriq” a quarterly journal of the Middle East Studies, Volume 7, and Number 27 December 2008 issue.  ((Syria-Wide) (Centre for Research and Development))

Reviews 2010

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your short story,

“Uni’s Street Corner" in Lake Area Business this month. 

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!!


Gloria Stafford,

Minnetrista, MN



“I received your book “Last Autumn and Winter”….  It's beautiful you have really captured Minnesota. And I love that it is in Spanish and English.   … Thanks so much for sending this treasure to me Dennis.”


Gail Weber,

Editor and Owner of “Exploring Tosca”

A Minnesota cultural magazine (5-25-2010)



Editor’s Picks: ‘exploring Tosca,’ a Minnesota, Cultural Magazine, winter 2010 Issue: Short Stories for Men and Women: “A Leaf and a Rose…” (and other stories) by award winning author Dennis Siluk is a perfect gift for scholar or non scholar—and especially for the world traveler.”



 “…you have been designated Godfather of the… the National Newspaper of Peru (“The Voice of the People… is the Voice of God”)… in merit to your fine virtues and profession of service that you have shown throughout your exemplary life that everybody appreciates, admires, and exalts.”


Director, Apolinario Mayta Inga & Manager Rivera Flores, October 7, 2009

Summer Issue 2009

Expressing TOSCA's Cultural Magazine, in reference to the book "Cornfield Laughter" in English and Spanish: 

" Born in St. Paul Minnesota, Dennis L. Siluk has been around the world more than eighteen times. He is not only a prolific writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry; he is also a musician and artist as well. He has received numerous awards including the Writer and Poet Excellence award in 2007. In 2005 he was awarded Poet Laureate, of San Jeronimo, Peru and awarded the Grand Cross of the City of San Jeronimo in 2006."
Gail  Weber

See Tosca Magazine, Summer Issue 2009, page 59.



Recently, Dr. Siluk’s comments were put on BBC news, pertaining to the Democratic candidates for the presidential election in November, 2008, for the USA (March 4, 2008).    Also,  Mr. Siluk’s book “A Path to Relapse Prevention…” was selected by the Psychology Department, at the Dominican University in San Rafael, California for their academia, by Adjunct Professor:  Jane Flanagan (3/2008, for the summer sessions).





Second year in a row (June, 2006)) January, 2007)), Mr. Siluk was ranked by the International Magazine, Ezinearticles (Annual Readership: over 12-milllion) as Number #1 (one) poet, out of 204, and number one Arts and Entertainment author, out of 1239; in addition he was ranked 8th in Paranormal readings.

"I read his books...are marvelous"
Dr. Maria Rostworowski
(En reference to the books: "Spell of the Andes" and "The Magic of the Avelinos" by Dennis Siluk)
March, 2007
[Magazine review] “…made possible through his art he (Dennis L. Siluk)) has delighted (us) with a new (book) production called “The Magic of the Avelinos” of the Mantaro Valley.  Admirable talent to make poems, he has written 34-books and it is a pride for us (Peru, and the Mantaro Valley) our country was the inspiration for four of his books…besides this writings (works) he has helped us find our identity, the beauty that is enmeshed within our dances and pleasures (such as typical foods)….”


J.P. Revista Empresarial

December 2006- January 2007

(Año 3—Nro.12)

Director: Jose Luis Pantoja




Awarded (2007) the National Prize of Peru, “Antena Regional”: The best of 2006 for promoting culture (by: Prens@ndina) and recognized by the Journalists College of Peru as: Poeta Laureado del Valle Del Mantaro, 2007 (Senior Member Adelmo Huamani Meza)





Dear Dennis (Siluk),


I "went" on your website and read a part of the article "Elephants in the Sky (a story about Timbuktu and Four Poems". The article is very interesting and I am very impressed by your bibliography and by the way you narrated this locust drama. Unfortunately it is not fiction but reality and I thank you to have reminded it to the human beings.

       I hope you will not be unlucky like your hero Lee, the former G.I., who in spite of his experience could not resist to these "small insects" or "big elephants" in Timbuktu.


Thank you,

Your friend Deo Kpadenou

Bamako, MALI

(Letter, dated: 3-12-2007)


Note: The Story “Elephants in the Sky,” written: 3/26/2005






“With admiration for my friend Dennis Siluk (inspiration, wisdom), from your friend Angel Unchupaico, Mayor of El Tambo-Huancayo (Peru): That the words of inspiration never end in your pen my dear friend   2006




Dennis Siluk was, Awarded a Diploma of Recognition by Los Andes Peruvian University, in Huancayo, Peru for outstanding literary achievement and promoting the Culture of the Mantaro Valley in Peru by writing of the book: “The Magic of the Avelinos.”





Dennis Siluk was, Awarded a Diploma of Testimony of Honor by “The College of Journalists,” of Peru, for his support and promoting the culture of Peru, in his writings, and contributions. 12-01-2006




RPP:  November, 21, 2006: —Milagros Valverde—Radio Programas del Peru (RPP)) National Radio)) interviewed Mr. Siluk on his book, “The Magic of the Avelinos,” with positive feedback about the book; adding, she said:  “It is nice to know, that someone from a foreign country can write beautiful things about our country and adopt it as his, for different reasons.”




Lost Sanctum #2”, October 2006, issue, an interview of Mr. Siluk, by Australian Editor, Benjamin Szumskyj.



Notes (2005)


Pertaining to Mr. Siluk’s interviews, and correspondents:


Note 1:  Recent interview on Radio Programas del Perú, concerning his two publications: “Spell of the Andes,” and “Peruvian Poems”; reaching five countries, and three continents; over 15-million people; by Milagros Valverde, 11/15/2005, 11:00 PM.  (Milagros read poems from both of Mr. Siluk’s books: “Spell of the Andes” and “The Ice Maiden”.)


Note 2:  “Spell of the Andes,” recommended by the Cultural Agency in Lima- Peru; located in Alfredo Benavides # 605 - Apartment 201, phone number 2428942


Note 3: Interviewed by JP Magazine, interviewer Jose Luis Pantoja Ventocilla, who had very positive comments and appreciation for Dennis’ Poetic Peruvian Traditions and Contemporary way of Life; 10/26/2005.


Note 4: Mayor of San Jeronimo, Peru, Jesus Vargas Párraga, “All mayors should recognize Dennis’ work (on his Poetic Traditions of Peru; and favorable articles for the Mantaro Valley Region) and publicize it.... (paraphrased: we should not hide his work)”


Note 5: 91.7 Radio “Super Latina”, 10/19/2005, interviewer Joseito Arrieta, reaching 1.2 million people in the Mantaro Valley Region about the book “Spell of the Andes” (paraphrased): the Municipality and the Cultural House from Huancayo should give an acknowledgement for the work you did on The Mantaro Valley.


Note 6: Channel #5 “Panamericana” 10/16/2005, “Good Morning Huancayo” (in Huancayo, Peru ((population 325,000)); interviewed by reporter: Vladimir Bendezú, on Mr. Siluk’s two books: “Spell of the Andes,” and “Peruvian Poems”: also on, Mr. Siluk’s biography; for the Mantaro Valley Region, in Peru.)


Note 7: Cesar Hildebrandt, International Journalist and Commentator, for Channel #2, in Lima, Peru, on October 7, 2005, introduced Mr. Siluk’s book, “Peruvian Poems,” to the world, saying: “…Peruvian Poems, is a most interesting book, and important….” (Population of Lima, eight million, and all of Peru: twenty-five million)) plus a number of other Latin American countries: reaching about sixty-three million inhabitants, in addition, his program reaches Spain)).


Note 8: More than 240,000-visit Mr. Siluk’s web site a year: see his travels and books…!


Note 9: Mr. Siluk received a signed personal picture with compliments from the Dalai Lama, 11/05, after sending him his book with a letter, “The Last Trumpet…” on eschatology.


Note 10:  Ezine Articles [Internet Magazine] 11/2005, recognized by the Magazine Team, as one of 250-top writers, out of 14,700.  Christopher Knight, Editor; annual readership: three-million.


Note 11: Dennis L. Siluk Columnist of the Year, on the International Internet Magazine,; December 5, 2005 (Annual Readership: 1.5 million).

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