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Dr. Siluk giving free chapbooks to the kids of 'San Juan Bautista' School, March 21, 2016 SJM Lima

Dr. Siluk in the School Maria de Fatima, giving an award, in Hyo, 10/12/15 (Director in red)

Poet Siluk visiting the Police Station in Cieneguilla, Lima, March 2013

Sculpture of Poet Dennis Siluk done by sculptor Elvis of Lima Peru

Football Team "El Parquetito" Inauguration of the games in San Borja, Lima, Peru 12/05/2007

Dennis in Alaska, fishing with his hands salmon, 07/2000

DC 3/Dennis flying form Carcaus over La Gran Sabana 5/2000


The Tor on the Isle of Avalon; some say  it is the Tor of Glastonbury, England, where 4000-years of history are melted into its summit.  Where the bones lie in the tunnels within the maze of its structure; and deep within its bowls, resides the entrance to the Underworld, where the giants of old came to adore the Mother Goddess and where the Mysteries of King Arthur are held sacred. My guesthouse was on the Tor, where I went to see a number of times, climbing its terraces.  The area dates back to 65,000 BC.


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia; where nature and man meet eye to eye.  It is the strangest little ancient temple city I have ever encountered. The local inhabitants say giants built the city, what I do know are that, the trees are holding it together, like the fingers of God.
Rosa and I are hidden somewhat in the background, sheltered by the tree and the temple. 12/2000 

Dr. Siluk with the staff and the children of Casa Hogar Castilla y Leon, Huancayo, Oct 20, 2015

Poet Laureate Dr. Dennis Siluk visiting the Orphanage El Rosario. Oct. 2011

Dr. Dennis Siluk with two teenagers: Dayanne Pareja and Ximena Herrera. Nov. 2011

Dr. Dennis Siluk and a three-month lion cub, in the Zoo of Huancayo, Peru

Dr. Siluk's wife, four-time champion swimmer, Feb. 2010


Dr. Dennis Siluk being visited by the Sisters of the Divine Providence, Mothers: Clotilde, Bertha, Irene, Marleny, Laura and father Marcelo Loaiza of the Parish-Church San Daniel Comboni de Cristo Redentor, in Lima, Peru, December 2009

Dr. Siluk and two-star General Jorge Villanueva Bardales (Chief of Health Depart. of the Army) 11/09

Food Ofering for the Day of the Dead in Huancayo, Peru 1st. Nov. 2008

Football Team "El Parquetito" won 5 to 1 - Poet Dennis Siluk was the godfather of the team 05/12/07


This picture and text has been published on the back-cover of the book called
"The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon".

Fort Rocker, Alabama, 1969-80; 8-years active, 3-years Reserve

1970 Vietnam/I was 23, there is a time for everything under the sun,-- even war

Dennis at Fort Bragg, NC 12/1969

Recorded and wrote 27-songs, Studio in TwinCities, MN 2/2000

Over 240,000 visitors come to this site a year, welcome, and hope you visit my travels and book sections during your visit. My favorite books and authors, and poets.  First the authors:  Mary Renault, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Hemmingway, Remarque, Neil Gaiman, Colleen McCullough, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Mark Twain: those are on the top shelf. 

The poets I like are: George Sterling, Clark A. Smith, Robert Howard [from the macabre side of life]; Robert Bly, and  Don Hall, [contemporary poets]; Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost , Edwin Markham, and Longfellow. In additon, Carl Sandburg, Cesar Vallejo and Howard Nemerov.  Some of my favorites poems are:  "The Man with the Hoe"; "The Road Not Taken", and, "The Mending Wall"; along with "Richard Cory," and several from the Dickenson collection. Also, "A Tale of Troy", by John Masefield"; " Roman Lawyer in Jerusalem," by W.W. Story l899; most of Sterling's poems; and the Spider and the Fly. There are many  more but these just happen to come to mind; I also like "Johnathen Livingston Segall," by  Bach--and so forth.

Some of the artists I like and enjoy  would be: Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Goya, and Yang Yang.  Picasso for his nightmarish style, and passion for the obscure; Dali for his stretching reality and love of life; Goya for his lost childhood in his paintings and his demonic twists; Warhol for his simplicity and race with life; and Yang Yang for his psycological bends. I have also enjoyed many artists work  from Peru,  in particular from Lima and Huancayo; they are just not reconized world wide; one being, Max A. Urteaga Alcalde.

My music: I like Elvis, Rick Nelson, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Enya, Diane Krall; John Stevens, Slim Whitman, Enya, Bob Dylon, and more, I just can't put my finger on them now.  In second place, I would choose, Dylan, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, the Doors and a few others.

For those interested in my books or travels, just look above for  the proper connections for the site; and have a good day; and may the Lord Bless you. 

Paris III, at Cafe de Flore, having coffee and sandwich; 6/2001, Hemingway's home away from home.

Paris III, at the bookstore "Shakespeare & Company"

Pikes Creek by Lake Superior, Bayfield, Wisconsin, 08/05

Habana, Cuba: sitting on Earnest Hemingway's chair in his hotel room, at Ambos Mundos Hotel 6/02

Babenhausen West Germany (1976)

Dennis at The Bodeguita del Medio in The Habana, Cuba, where Hemingway hung out - 6/2002

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