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Books in the Making


Visit Dr. Siluk’s Library of books in the rough, those books he  has been working on these past months and years, and just have not got them to the point for publication, or for other reasons.


Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, William Faulkner and Gertrude Stein were all in this room in the 1920s in Paris


The Loved and the Desolate

“The Loved and the Desolate” a novel that takes the reader on a true adventure, with all the ingredients, one needs without imagination. From the early 60s, in Seattle, Omaha, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and  onto the Hippie times of the 60s, in San Francisco, to Europe, and onto the war in Vietnam, in Asia, and then home again, to Fort Rucker Alabama, where the Character of Chick Evens, meets an old friend dying of Agent Orange. (Written between 2001 and 2009); books about a lost era (a two-hundred and twenty-five page book).


Old Josh, in Poor Black

“Old Josh, in Poor Black” a group of sketches, linking one to the other: the stories started off as episodes; of the 76-sketches, the author uses around 50-to tell his saga, of a slave, during the Civil War days, while living on a plantation near Ozark, Alabama, with his two sons, Silas and Jordon. The sketches were written between  August of  2005, and the last episode in January, of 2009. The author lived in the South (Alabama, and North Carolina) during the ‘70s.


The Tor


“The Tor,” the first book written completely in  January and February of 2009, more on a Novelette, some 13,000-words.  Lost inside the underground maze of the tore, the monk becomes insane; but there is where he finds his demons and ghosts hard at work making a deal with another being for his life…the story takes place in Glastonbury, England, 1192 AD



Days without Women

“Days without Women” (22-short biographical stories, being worked on since 9-2005).  The stories talk of a young boy growing up in the inner city of  St. Paul, Minnesota, and hanging around with a gang of kinds, and then it goes off into the later years,  and one sees in this pot luck collection a kind of zigzagged, down to earth, light drama of everyday life of a kinds formative years.  Simple things, from the 50s and early 60s, the name is basically a title used because they were days without women.


Orions Orchard

“Orion’s Orchard” (and other poems) A book of thirty poems, some of the poems date back to 4-2004, from there a few have be added each year, but only the selected few of the unpublished poems, of which the author has written 2600-poems, about fifteen-hundred unpublished, of them   30 have been taken out for this dynamic collection.


The Black Zone Horror

“The Black Zone Horror,” fifteen, suspense and macabre short stories, Volume IV; of the 300-short stories the author has written thus far, about 25-have been put into prior books,  that dates back to the summer of 2003, to 2009…



Tales of the Port of Poseidonia


“Tales of the Port of Poseidonia” (Atlantis) written in 2004, and updated a few times, and put on the internet as episodes, one linking to the next, like a comic strip, with a compete ending; twenty-one sketches.



"The Tale of: Teddy and his Magical Plant "

The Tale of: Teddy and his Magical Plant (A Poetic Story) in the process of being translated into Spanish, originally written in a chapbook form, 1982.




"The Strange Letters of Amelia from Nantucket..."

“The Strange Letters of Amelia, from Nantucket, 1852” (A mystery) Newest February creation: short story (5642: words)

“The Loro Machaco of Villa Rica” a novelette, written in 2008, after visiting the small town in Peru, the story concerning the terrorist of that country, a suspense story: about 18,000-words.



“The Cadaverous Planets" (Mythos) a four-hundred page book science fiction book,  first of the many sketches, stories, and novelettes written 4-2004, and last one in 2007. The book takes you to new planets, solar systems, and Galaxies, with new heroes, kings and weird warriors.  The book is so complex, it is hard to edit, and thus has not been released.  Although there are a number of themes for all the many stories, and in an odd way link to one another, through time and space, it may remain a work in progress until the author dies.


Cradled with the Devil †” a saga, an Episodic Novel/ Written in Titled Vignettes, that takes in New Orleans, Ozark, Alabama, Saigon, Vietnam and Minnesota, starting from 1960 onward; written in 2008.


“Poems of an Inner City,” Eight poems, written between 1982, and 1983, of the down town area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the author was a drunk walking the streets, published originally in a Minneapolis paper of that time. Poems have never been published together, but some published in the book, “Sirens” to be translated into Spanish from English.



Additional books of Poetry

being worked on:


Book One

Poetry of the Miners

((of Cerro de Pasco) (in Spanish and English))


 Legends Made in Huancayo, Peru

(In Spanish and English)


Book Two

The Book of Nostalgia

((or, “The Book of Days”) (in Spanish and English))

Poetry on Grieving

Includes: Old Neighbourhood Poems


 Book Three

“The Mohammad Papers”

(In English only)


Book Four

“Stars over Germany

((Poetry out of West Germany from the ´70s) (in English only))




Three Dramatic Epic Poems —


Conte del Dark Ages

Sir Gawain & the Ghost of the

Green Knight 



The Soldiers of Nirut”

An Ancient Tale of Gallantry


The Fifth Moon

(A mystical Adventure in the Mosel Valley, West Germany)




Additional and New

Short Stories

To be include in future books


Trapped by Blue Ice

Buying Days

The Meaning of Danger

  A Cross for Bridgette (of Villa Rica)

 The Porn Star

  Clotted by a Python

  A Virulent Death in Buenos Aires

  John Nobel and the Mac Camp Boy 

  Shooting Painted Horses

  Misterious Flight Over Java 

 The Cadaverous Wind Spiders

 Wolf Hunt in the Boundary Waters

The Black Zone Horror


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