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Dr. Dennis Siluk receiving an award in the Congress of Peru. April 17, 2015

Recognition to Dr. Dennis Siluk by the Church Saint Daniel Comboni of Christ Redeemer- 2014

Recognition to Dr. Siluk by the Municipality of Lima, Peru. Oct 31, 2014

Dr. Dennis Siluk receiving the Award as Poet Laureate of IberoAmerica & Dr.h.c. (Swissotel Jun.2013)

Award granted to Dr. Dennis Siluk as Doctor Honoris Causa & Iberoamerica Poet Laureate by the CIHLL

The illustrious persons awarded the International Recognition by CIHLL

Medal and Resolution to Poet Laureate Dr. Siluk for his works on Peru by the Municipality SJM, Lima

Dr. Dennis Siluk, Poet, and Dr. Adolfo Ocampo, Mayor of SJM, Lima

Awards granted by the Congress, in the news

Dr. Dennis Siluk the fourth starting in the right
Recognition granted to enterprisings persons by the Congress of the Republic of Peru with...

Ceremony Doctorate Honoris Causa - UNCP University
Dr. Dennis Lee Siluk with the authorities of the University and the Mayor of Huancayo, Peru.30/01/12

Resolution given to Dr. Dennis Siluk as Doctor Honoris Causa, Page 1

Resolution given to Dr. Dennis Siluk as Doctor Honoris Causa, Page 2

Award given to Dr. Dennis Siluk by the Peruvian House of Entreprising-2012

Seven Resolutions of Poet Laureate to Dr. Dennis Siluk, by seven cities in Peru. 2005-2011

Resolution of Poet Laureate of Nueve de Julio granted to Dr. Dennis Siluk, Sept. 2011

Resolution of Poet Laureate of Satipo, Peru, granted to Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, July 2011

Resolution of Illustrious Visitor granted to Dr. Siluk by Jauja, the 1st Capital of Peru, 477 years.

Dr. Dennis Siluk and Mayor of Huancayo, Lic. Dimas Aliaga Castro. June, 2011

In the picture is Dr. Dennis Siluk with Lic. Dimas Aliaga Castro, Mayor of Huancayo, Peru, given him the Resolution: Resolucion de Alcadia Nro. 168-2011-MPH/A of May 31, 2011, where Dr. Dennis Siluk is nominated Poet Laureate of the city of Huancayo.

Resolucion where Dr. Siluk is recognized as Poet Laureate of Huancayo, Peru

Diploma given to Dr. Dennis Siluk in appreciation for his contribution to the literature...June 2011

Award to Dr. Dennis Siluk for his books "A Leaf and a Rose" and "Stone Heap of the Wildcat" Nov 2010

Continental University Resolution 309-2008-CU/UCCI --->

--> to congratulate and recognize Dr. Dennis L. Siluk for his works on the Mantaro Valley 11/2008

Parade celebrating Journalist Day in Huancayo-Peru, Dennis and his colleagues-the Journalists, 09/28

Honorary Nacional Journalist of all Peru granted to Poet Laureate Dr. Dennis L. Siluk - 10/01

Letter from the Government Palace in Cuba on behalf of President Castro to Poet Dennis Siluk


Award by Mathematic Union School
Poet Laureate Ed Dr. Dennis being awarded as Writer and Poet Excellence 2007 for his works done on the Mantaro Valley and the Central Region of Peru--Lic. Pedro Guillen, Director of Mathematic Union School--December 2007  


Award by the Sociology College
Dennis receiving award by the Sociology College as Writter Laureate
 because of his works done on the Central Region--December 2007


Award by the Broadcaster Association
Poet Dennis Siluk receiving the Honorary Broadcaster by the Association of Broadcaster.  In the picture to the left is Poet Dennis Siluk, Lic. Alfredo Chupayo--President of the Broadcaster Association and Lic. Adelmo Huamani--Senior Member of the Journalist College of Junin-Huancavelica--December 2007

Mayoral Resolution as Poet Laureate of Cerro de Pasco-Peru

Mayoral Resolution as Illustrious Visitor and Distinguished Guest of Cerro de Pasco-Peru

Recognition granted to the Poet Dennis Siluk
By UNCP, Huancayo-Peru for his contribution to the development of the culture and education 05/2007

Recognition of honor granted to Dr. Dennis Siluk as Illustrious personage of the broadcasting

Poet Dennis Siluk receiving award by Mayor of Huancayo-Peru Freddy Arana (& writer Apolinario Mayta)

Resolution from the Municipality of Huancayo, Peru

Resolution of the

Municipality of Huancayo-Peru


It says that the writer Dennis Lee Siluk is a writer,

creator and investigator of the literature of Junin

and of proven intellectual path.

Because of that it is Resolved:

To give him the Emblem of the Wanka Nation

for his contribution to the Regional Literature

and consecuently the country of Peru. 

Signed: Architect Freddy Arana Velarde,

Mayor of Huancayo, Peru.




Dennis was honored by the Journalist College as one important personalities of Huancayo

Honour to the Merit "Excellence"
Granted to Mr. Dennis Siluk as the Poet and Writer of 2006

National Prize Antena Regional
The Best of 2006 for Promoting Culture with his Poetic Works on Peru

Fotografías de la Inauguración del Local del Colegio de Periodistas del que Dennis fue el padrino. Dennis godfather of the Journalist School.

Dennis was nominated Poet Laureate of San Jeronimo de Tunan, and he also was awarded the Grand Cross of the City for his works on the Mantaro Valley of Peru.

Dennis' Poet Laureate of San Jeronimo Resolution

Dennis and Jesus Vargas--Mayor of San Jeronimo

Dennis receiving the Grand Cross of the City

"Empresas y Mas" Magazine
Interview with Dennis L. Siluk by Jose Luis Pantoja, about his new book "The Magic of the Avelinos"

Ideal Magazine
Interview by Ideal Magazine, January 2007

All Art work, Photographs, Videos, and Writings on this site are under Copyright © 2002-2018

All Art work, Photographs, Videos, and Writings on this site are under Copyright © 2002-2018