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Dr. Dennis L. Siluk is in the middle
Dr. Dennis L. Siluk in the Ceremony were he was granted the honorific distinction as Doctor h.c.

Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe my books, myself and some of my interests with you.

My Favorite activities are being with my wife Rosa, traveling with her, reading, playing the guitar and piano, horse back riding.  I am a Vietnam Vet, and I like articles concerning that, along with archaeology.

My favorite books, for the most part are by my favorite authors which are:  myself,  and such authors like Mary Renault, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Hemmingway, Remarque, Neil Gaiman and Colleen McCullough to mention a few.
If you are interested in my books, The Last Trumpet & The Woodbridge Demon [IBSN 0805956212], Angelic Renegades & Rephaim Giants [ISBN 0959209866], Tiamat, Mother of Demon [ISBN 0595222579], and  Mantic ore: Day of the Beasts [ISBN 0595224997], which all can be seen and ordered on either www.amazon.com or www.bn.com. Or throughout the internet.
Out of print books can also be purchased until supplies run out, contact Rosa Siluk: dlsiluk@msn.com  1) The Tale of Willie The Humpback Whale, l982 Pulitzer Prize Entry for Letters, Revised Ediiton $8.00 plus S&H $4.00  2) The Other Door, Poetic Exhortation, l981   $12. plus S&H $4.00   3)  The Safe Chile/The Unsafe Child  l985 [presently there is only one copy left]
I am presently writing a sequel to the Tiamat saga, called "Gwyllion, Daughter of the Tiamat".
Note:  painting of the author by international artist, Yang Yang

Painting used in the book "The Last Trumpet ..."
Painting of the author by International Artist Yang Yang